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Garmin StreetPilot Black & White Vehicle GPS Receiver, Map Compatible

Reviews Garmin StreetPilot Black & White Vehicle GPS Receiver, Map Compatible

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Rating Reviews : 4.5

We used the StreetPilot driving from Houston, Texas to the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico and were impressed with its features and flexibility. Simple to start up, easy to read but takes practice to learn all the options and there are many options.

Although there is not enough detail in the maps to be really useful, it does provide a ton of information besides just maps and latitude and longitude. For example, time of day, altitude, miles per hour, avg mph, distance traveled, time traveled, time to destination, a compass, several alarm systems and optional personal way points. It is compact and portable as well as easy to read. If you are the passenger (definitly not as the driver), the StreetPilot can be as addictive as a computer game.

A one star deduction since with the GPS prices falling as they are, this one seems a tad expensive especially since the useful optional cartridges are a hundred bucks a pop. It would be nice if the manufacturer included the power adapter and one cartridge in this price.


Garmin StreetPilot Black & White Vehicle GPS Receiver, Map Compatible Details

  • GPS technology for your car brings you electronic maps
  • 12-parallel-channel receiver for reliable signal
  • Base map displays interstate, U.S., and state highways with main arterial streets shown in metropolitan areas
  • High-resolution display with 3-level amber backlighting
  • Get up to 16 hours of operation on 6 AAA batteries, or use optional cigarette-lighter adapter

Garmin StreetPilot Black & White Vehicle GPS Receiver, Map Compatible Description

If you're tired of backseat drivers helping you guess your way through unfamiliar parts of town, then you may want to consider something that always knows exactly where it's at and where you should go--the StreetPilot GPS from Garmin. The StreetPilot uses satellite global positioning technology in combination with electronic maps to help you pinpoint your current position and navigate to where you want to go. The StreetPilot ships with a set of built-in electronic maps that show major roadways, airports, coastlines, lakes, and rivers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. You can separately purchase detailed MetroGuide electronic maps for metropolitan areas in the U.S. MetroGuide maps extend the StreetPilot's functionality by helping you find addresses, restaurants, and other points of interest by telling you in real time how to get there (turn right, turn left, etc.). It's best to mount the StreetPilot on your car dashboard, because juggling it and your steering wheel at the same time could be hazardous. Includes a mounting bracket, six AA batteries, and ordering information for an optional cigarette lighter power adapter, a remote antenna, and MetroGuide cartridges. --Harry C. Edwards

Garmin StreetPilot Black & White Vehicle GPS Receiver, Map Compatible Complete

The Garmin StreetPilot global positioning system combines satellite tracking technology with detailed electronic maps to bring GPS navigation to your vehicle. This unit's reference base map shows interstate, U.S., and state highways, plus rivers and lakes in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with main arterial streets shown in metropolitan areas. Optional MapSource MetroGuide CD-ROMs and MetroGuide data cards can be uploaded for street-level map detail and access to business listings and points of interest in your area.

The StreetPilot has a 12-parallel-channel GPS receiver for quick satellite acquisition and reliable signal reception. A four-level grayscale display produces sharp images even in direct sunlight, and its three-level amber backlighting helps you navigate in low light.

The StreetPilot runs on six AA batteries for 16 hours of operation, or you can use an optional cigarette-lighter adapter.

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