Monday, March 22, 2010

geosnippits Electronic Bread Crumbs and GPS Tracking

geosnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos hosted by our very own lovable headhardhat gives you an interesting introduction on how to utilize the electronic bread crumbs or tracking functionality to find your way back when geocaching, hiking, etc. You will see the Garmin 60csx and the Delorme PN-40 GPS units in the woods of North Carolina. As an added bonus is the video capture of two large barn owls calling to each other a real wild treat to see. Geocachers with little or no experience will enjoy these episodes as much as the more experienced geocachers will. geosnippits is an ever growing series of geocaching video tutorials geared for geocachers of all experiences to enjoy. You can also visit our geosnippits home web page at

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